News | May 27, 2007

Digital Angel, Verichip Embark on Development of Implanted Glucose Monitoring Chip

May 28 — Digital Angel Corp., an advanced technology company in the field of rapid and accurate identification, location tracking and condition monitoring of high-value assets, and VeriChip Corp., a provider of RFID systems for healthcare and patient-related needs, have announced they have established a joint committee to design and develop a working, implantable glucose microchip to determine glucose levels in the bodies of animals and humans. The novel device would negate the need for diabetics to draw blood in order to monitor their individual blood glucose levels.

The committee will oversee future clinical trials in animals and humans, and is also responsible for selecting technology and marketing partners. The goal for the chip is to function inside the body for a period of at least six months. Former Bard executive Dr. Howard Weintraub is leading the development.

The implantable bio-sensor chip will have a passive transponder, a sensor and integrated circuitry that could allow anyone implanted with the microchip to painlessly scan it to determine their blood glucose concentration. The RFID microchip would then quickly and accurately transmit the glucose data back to a wireless scanner that displays the glucose level. The RFID microchip will be powered by the scanner signal, avoiding the need for a battery in the microchip.

The patent, No. 7,125,382 was granted on October 24, 2006, and is titled "Embedded Bio-Sensor System."

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