Technology | June 11, 2007

Depth-of-Anesthesia Monitoring with Bispectral Index (BIS) Technology

Depth-of-anesthesia monitoring is now included in Datascope’s Spectrum OR monitor with Bispectral Index (BIS) technology of Aspect Medical Systems.
The Spectrum OR monitor is designed specifically for use by the anesthesiologist in the OR. In addition to monitoring depth-of-anesthesia and the standard range of monitored parameters, Spectrum OR also provides graphic spirometry for monitoring lung function and new features that include quick-access trend data, optimal display visibility and one-touch function keys.
When combined with Datascope's Gas Module SE breath-by-breath gas analyzer and Anestar Plus anesthesia delivery system, Spectrum OR provides anesthesiologists with the critical data needed for standard-of-care monitoring and anesthesia for most surgical procedures. Also, Spectrum OR interfaces with Datascope's new Viewstation OR independent display system to provide a dedicated display for the surgeon.