The R Series defibrillator offers several firsts in the area of simplifying operation, according to ZOLL Medical Corp. It includes a OneStep System that provides a single cable for pacing, monitoring and defibrillation. It also includes one electrode set through which clinicians can monitor, pace, defibrillate and get real-time feedback on chest compressions, also known as Real CPR Help.
The defibrillator offers See-Thru CPR functionality that helps clinicians minimize interruptions in CPR performance. While viewing the ECG on a monitor/defibrillator, artifact (i.e., “noise”) from chest compressions make it difficult to discern the presence of an organized heart rhythm unless compressions are halted. See-Thru CPR filters out this artifact so clinicians can view an underlying rhythm without stopping chest compressions.
The R Series offers a visual aid known as the CPR Index that allows clinicians to see how well they are performing the rate and depth of chest compressions in real time. This Index, along with audible prompts (i.e., “Push Harder” and “Good Compressions”), helps clinicians improve CPR performance by integrating rate and depth into a single indicator on an easy-to-read display. With this feedback, clinicians know how well they are performing compressions.

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