Technology | June 11, 2007

Data from Five Patient Vital Signs Fused into Measurable Index

BioSign monitors five patient vital signs — heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, oxygen saturation and blood pressure — and fuses the data into a measurable index called the BioSign Index.

The system detects early patient deterioration and uses advanced pattern recognition algorithms to represent the overall condition of a patient's health status. While a minor deviation in one vital sign may not indicate significant change in patient status, minor variations in two or more vital signs that occur simultaneously may indicate the onset of an impending decline in the patient’s stability. BioSign continuously monitors the signs and compares relative status among the signs to generate the BioSign Index, which provides a visual warning if there is a high likelihood of a sudden change in the patient’s status. The index is delivered in real time and is updated instantaneously as new vitals are input into the application — either manually or automatically.