News | April 17, 2008

CoolTouch Introduces CoolBlue Duet Laser Lipolysis Suction Handpiece

April 18, 2008 - CoolTouch Inc. today introduced its new CoolBlue Duet laser lipolysis suction handpiece set designed specifically to be used with the CoolLipo 1320 laser system.

Using a standard liposuction cannula, ablation with aspiration and skin tightening are accomplished all in one action, which dramatically reduces the time of the laser lipolysis procedure.

FDA cleared for laser-assisted lipolysis and general dermatological surgery, the CoolLipo 1320 laser procedure improves the outcome of conventional liposuction in small areas such as the neck, chin and arms and now is reportedly fast enough to be effectively used on larger areas such as the abdomen and thighs. The tissue absorption properties of the 1320 nm wavelength tighten the skin by directly targeting collagen and connective tissue. The CoolLipo procedure is performed in a physician’s office under local anesthesia. Patient benefits include minimal, if any bruising, and less recovery time and cost than a face or neck lift.

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