September 26, 2007 – Atmospheric Glow Technologies Inc. is working on a portable sterilizer for the military using proprietary atmospheric plasma technology to sterilize medical instruments and devices for the military and possible hospital use.
The technology of energizing a gas to produce a glow discharge, or plasma, is becoming a powerful tool used to ultra clean and sterilize surfaces
To meet the needs of far-forward field medics, AGT has developed a lightweight, durable, and lower power apparatus that can sterilize surgical instruments and devices in less than one hour.
“When fully developed and commercially available, this product could assist with humanitarian efforts during natural disasters, aid in homeland security responses and address medical needs in remote regions of the world,” said Scott McDonald, AGT CEO.
AGT equipment can sterilize contaminated medical instruments in the presence of simulated tissue debris.
AGT’s near-term goal is to deliver to the military a portable medical sterilizer demonstration unit for testing next August. This effort is funded through a Department of Defense U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA) grant to AGT through a Congressional appropriation of $1.65 million, which is payable to AGT over an 18-month period that began in March 2007.

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