Technology | December 16, 2007

Compact Monitors Combine Durability and Optional Touchscreen Capability

The next generation of the Datalux Corp. 10.4-inch LCD monitor includes two models, the XG10 and SG10.
The monitors, which feature compact, all-metal enclosures are designed to be used with almost any computer system and can also be used with the full range of Datalux computer systems and keyboards. As with previous generations of Datalux monitors, the new model can be installed on heavy equipment. The displays are sealed to prevent penetration of dust or other contaminants from the surrounding environment. The high-bright monitor is reportedly extremely readable and front panel controls allow precise control for dimming. The Datalux XG10 and SG10, with native resolutions of XGA and SVGA, respectively, both offer optional touchscreen capability that provides easy interface to the user’s software application, according to manufacturer.