Technology | April 16, 2008

Closed Suction System Helps Maintain Open Airways, Reduce VAP

The Kimberly-Clark Ballard Trach Care Closed Suction System is designed to provide safe suction to patients on mechanical ventilation.

The closed suction system removes secretions from the airway while maintaining ventilation and oxygen therapy throughout the suctioning procedure. The Trach Care Closed Suction System provides protection to the caregiver from exposure to the patient’s body fluids and helps reduce potential risk of infection and cross contamination.

Patients breathing through an artificial airway require the removal of airway secretions. This process is especially critical in the mechanically ventilated patient but also important to any patient with an artificial airway. A totally, or even partially blocked airway can be a life threatening situation and could lead to several serious physiological abnormalities and even death.

Until the late 1970’s, open endotracheal suctioning systems were the only available method. Open suctioning requires the use of a sterile suction kit, sterile water, a manual resuscitator bag, and sterile gloves. A facemask and eye protection are also recommended. Each time a patient is suctioned, a large amount of waste is accumulated due to the disposable, single-use nature of the materials. Over the past two decades, closed endotracheal suction systems have become common in the care of mechanically ventilated patients.

April 2008