News | December 12, 2007

Cleaner-Processor System Reduces Hospital Contracted Infections

December 13, 2007 - Langford IC Systems recently introduced the Manzi Mach 1 Cleaner-Processor, one of the world’s first Parametric Release liquid chemical instrument processors, which the maker says is a new method of cleaning and sanitizing medical instruments.

The sterilizers are now in production for delivery in mid 2008.

The Manzi Mach 1 is said to be a technologically advanced machine designed to clean and sterilize medical instruments and devices in a single chamber, at the point of use. The company says up until its development, there was no industry-wide accepted, quantifiable definition of “clean”. This was in spite of the fact that the FDA had applied a need for such a standard to single use device reprocessors, in order for them to qualify to reprocess single use devices. The company worked with the FDA to come up with a standard.

The new processor is said to address some of the flaws in current washers, including the elimination of instrument connectors, thereby allowing all surfaces of the medical instruments and devices to be exposed to the cleansing/sanitizing process. Also, no cleaning brushes are used which can scratch instrument surfaces. Instead it uses a “push-pull-shear” action to move the cleaning, sanitizing and rinse liquids. The Manzi Mach 1 Cleaner-Processor is also equipped with a water purification system that provides a final rinse with sanitized water, ensuring that no new contaminants are introduced in the rinse water.

The Manzi system reprocessing instruments during an uninterrupted, three-step process that takes place in a single chamber.

Governmental agencies have begun requiring hospitals to report hospital acquired infection rates, and the company hopes its product will help address these concerns

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