News | July 15, 2007

CIVCO Releases New Needle Guidance Systems

July 16, 2007 - TheL14-5W/60, L14-5/38 / L9-4/38 and C7-3/50 / C5-2/60 single-angle needle guidance systems from CIVCO Medical Solutions are designed to work in conjunction with biopsy software on Ultrasonix’ Sonix CEP, Sonix OP, Sonix SP and Sonix RP ultrasound platforms, reportedly providing physicians with increased productivity during ultrasound-guided procedures including tissue biopsy, fluid aspirations and catheter placement.

The Ultrasonix L14-5W, L14-5/L9-4, and the C7-3/C5-2 needle guidance systems utilize a two-part system that consists of a custom reusable biopsy bracket, and the Ultra-Pro II disposable snap-on needle guide, which now incorporates more flexibility and advanced features to increase productivity during ultrasound-guided procedures. On-screen software guidelines direct instruments and feature a larger tab for improved quick-release function, allowing easy detachment of the needle from the transducer. Easy-to-read gauge sizes on the inserts make it simple to identify and alter gauge sizes. The guide also now features a larger funnel for instrument insertion and will accept a full range of needle sizes including: 8.5FR, 14-23GA.

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