Civco System Drapes Ultrasound Accessories

October 1, 2012 — Civco Medical Solutions is expanding its line of infection-prevention products with a new latex-free hand-carried system drape.

As point-of-care sonography spreads, so do infection rates. In addition to proper hand hygiene, cleaning and sterilization techniques, industry guidelines recommend using maximal barrier protection on all imaging equipment.

Civco’s new hand-carried system drape expands the sterile field for bedside ultrasound procedures, in the operating room or wherever point-of-care ultrasound is required. The transparent, latex-free polyethylene material allows clear visualization of the monitor and keyboard for ease of use, and adhesive tape strips included with each drape easily secure the drape in position throughout the entire procedure.

Civco’s system drapes expand the sterile field in all point-of-care environments, protecting patients, staff and expensive imaging equipment from the risks associated with infection and cross-contamination.

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