News | April 07, 2008

CHOMOPHARE X 66 Advanced Lighting Shines at AORN 2008

April 8, 2008 - At AORN 2008, Berchtold featured its new CHROMOPHARE x 66, featuring second-generation HID (High Efficiency Discharge) technology.

CHROMOPHARE X 66 delivers approximately 55 percent more light per watt than traditional halogen bulbs, with less than 50 percent of the heat. According to the company, HID is the coolest light source for the OR. The result is reportedly increased surgical team comfort, decreased fatigue and a site less prone to dessication.

CHROMOPHARE X 66 combines this advanced performance with the security of a proven, commercially available lighting technology. By avoiding customized short-production elements, the light is powerful with minimal obsolescence and supply risk.

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