Technology | December 04, 2006

Changes in Regional Oxygen Saturation of Blood Continuously Monitored

The INVOS System is a patient monitoring system that noninvasively and continuously monitors changes in the regional oxygen saturation of the blood in the brain and consists of disposable, single-patient use SomaSensors, an INVOS monitor display and associated accessories.
The system monitors changes in regional saturation of oxygen, or rSO2, within a sample of blood in the cerebral cortex. Changes in INVOS (In Vivo Optical Spectroscopy) values monitor the critical balance between oxygen delivery and cerebral consumption.
The measurement is made by noninvasively transmitting and detecting harmless, low intensity and near infrared light through SomaSensors that are placed on both sides of a patient's forehead.
Use of the patient monitoring system allows medical professionals to monitor changes in cortical blood oxygen saturation and take corrective action. Research and clinical experience indicates that such action can prevent or reduce neurological injuries associated with surgery and other critical care situations, and therefore reduce the cost of care.
The INVOS Cerebral Oximeter system is available for adult and pediatric monitoring in the U.S. and in many international markets.

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