News | November 07, 2007

Carolinas Medical Center - NorthEast Selects Emergency Department Information System From Allscripts

November 8, 2008 - Carolinas Medical Center - NorthEast (CMC-NorthEast) recently selected HealthMatics ED Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) from Allscripts to automate emergency room operations and improve access to clinical information.

CMC-NorthEast currently has 160 physicians in 40 clinics using Allscripts Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions.

The Allscripts EDIS will replace paper charts and an electronic patient tracking system in CMC-NorthEast's Emergency Care Center with a fully connected electronic system that shares information from multiple systems, including Allscripts Electronic Health Records. The emergency center handles nearly 80,000 patient visits each year.

"Information technology is critical to enhancing the quality and safety of patient care provided in Carolinas Medical Center-NorthEast's Emergency Care Center," said Keith McNeice, Chief Information Officer of CMC-NorthEast. "We believe the EDIS is the best way to share information between the hospital, ECC and the NorthEast Physician Network providers to deliver all the information our providers need to make sound, real-time clinical decisions at the point of care."

Physicians, nurses and other Emergency Care Center staff will use the Allscripts' single-screen view of all ED activity with comprehensive patient tracking, electronic records, real-time views of all lab orders and test results, and patient-specific decision support information to enhance safety. The EDIS also features remote chart access for community caregivers and hospital staff, so they can securely access an ED patient's chart via the Web without logging into the ED solution. Additionally, its sophisticated analytics identifies workflow bottlenecks that slow care delivery, and monitors quality outcomes to ensure better care.

CMC-NorthEast will implement HealthMatics ED Version 6.0, the latest release of the Allscripts EDIS, which includes the new Form Builder functionality to improve the care process. Form Builder reportedly enables caregivers to create new forms within the EDIS or transfer existing paper forms into the system, making it easier for physicians to transition from paper to electronic record keeping. Form Builder also lets users incorporate clinical decision support tools that guide physicians through patient encounters.

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