Technology | October 10, 2007

Carl Zeiss Rolls Out ZEN for Laser Scanning

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH, a provider of microscopy solutions for a variety of research, clinical and industrial applications, introduced ZEN 2007, a new software for laser scanning microscopes, reportedly creating an optimal fusion between state-of-the-art technology and intuitive user-guidance.

According to the company, the ZEN user interface is clearly structured and flexible, allowing it to be individually tailored to each experiment and user. The Professional-Basic concept of ZEN reportedly reduces the complexity of the interface without decreasing the range of functions; users may be able to decide at what point they require full functionality, allowing them to focus their full attention on their research work.

The color and brightness of ZEN’s input fields and buttons are carefully adapted to the typical lighting conditions encountered in a laboratory environment. The resulting improvement in contrast reportedly makes it possible to recognize details in fluorescence images that were not visible before. The optimization of the screen display for the 30-inch widescreen format creates additional space, which may be useful for complex experiments in which a large number of tool palettes and view windows are simultaneously open. All laser scanning microscopes in the LSM 5 Family from release 2.8 onwards can be upgraded with ZEN 2007.