News | June 08, 2008

Cardinal Health Introduces Combined Medication, Medical Supply Management System

June 9, 2008 - Cardinal Health today launched a new system that leverages the company’s dispensing technologies to enable clinicians access to a patient’s medications and medical supplies from one system.

The Pyxis DuoStation system allows clinicians to dispense both medications and medical supplies from a single dispensing machine, reportedly increasing workflow efficiency and cost savings opportunities through inventory reduction and increased charge capture.

The new automated dispensing system is built on the foundation of the Pyxis MedStation system and Pyxis SupplyStation system. The Pyxis DuoStation system functions similarly to Cardinal Health's existing dispensing technologies. Nurses use identifiers, like an employee ID number and their fingerprint, to log onto the system. After log-in, a screen appears and the nurse selects a patient and sees a list of medication orders that have already been verified by one of the hospital pharmacists. Additionally, the nurse can toggle to a medical supplies screen and select the supplies needed to care for the patient.

In addition to the safety benefits of dispensing the right medications for the right patient, the system records the medications and supplies used for each patient and then transfers the information to the hospital’s billing system. The Pyxis DuoStation system also generates reports that can be used to help identify and prevent potential diversion, optimize medication and supply utilization and manage costs, said the company.

The Pyxis DuoStation system provides a scalable approach for non-automated hospitals, while offering larger acute care facilities a single point of access for medication and supply dispensing. The enhanced flexibility of the Pyxis DuoStation system supports specialty care and procedural areas within acute care facilities, community hospitals, surgical centers and outpatient clinics.

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