Technology | December 11, 2006

Cardiac output is a module of the "Envoy" modular multiparameter monitor and an input of the "Vitalogik" configured monitor. As a module it also has ports for two invasive blood pressures.
The bedside monitors are capable of meeting all major requirements of different hospital departments and have smooth interface with medical IT systems, standard communication protocols, continuity of patient data, archiving capabilities of monitoring patient data and research tools for analysis of patient's physiological parameters.
Cardiac output data is stored on a numerical user-defined chart and in graphic trends as well for any inpatient period of time in parallel with all other patient vital signs.
Features include full disclosure (50 days), trends (100 days), up to 70 events (of 20 seconds full disclosure, numerical chart and overview can be saved for each patient), user-defined numerical charts (100 days), arrhythmia analysis, ST watch, ST all leads analysis, data management and heart rate variability.

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