Technology | April 08, 2007

Capintec Partners with NUMA for DICOM Compatibility

Cap-DICOM Software now integrates the Captus 3000 Thyroid Uptake System with RIS and PACS systems.

Capintec is proud to announce a new software application for its Captus 3000 Thyroid Uptake System designed to help meet the needs of our customers working in a digital reporting environment

Capintec, a leading supplier of nuclear medicine and PET products and services; and Numa, Inc, the nuclear medicine connectivity company, developed this application for the digital reporting and communication of Captus 3000 Thyroid Update Systems.

Numa developed the digital application that creates a complete DICOM record for each patient exam, including demographics and a secondary screen capture of the alphanumeric exam data. The new Cap-DICOM software interfaces with RIS and PACS and queries the DICOM worklist provider to populate the Captus report with patient demographics, saving facilities significant time in data re-entry.

Completed patient DICOM files are available for viewing on any DICOM nuclear medicine or PACS workstation and for transmission over the hospital network or Internet, as well as archiving, using a PACS.