News | April 19, 2007

Cambridge Endo Announces Laparoscopy's First Full-Line of Fully Articulating Hand-Held Instruments

April 20, 2007 - Cambridge Endo, a Massachusetts-based medical device company, announced the development of the first full-line of fully articulating hand-held instruments for laparoscopic surgeons: Autonomy Laparo-Angle Instrumentation. These revolutionary instruments provide seven degrees of freedom and map the motion of the hand holding the instrument. This freedom of movement delivers a new level of access, positioning, and control. The ergonomic handle enables comfortable single-handed use and helps relieve surgeon fatigue.

Cambridge Endo's 5mm instrument line includes the Autonomy Laparo- Angle Needle Holder, Metzenbaum Scissors, Maryland Dissector and Electrosurgery Hook. Designed to be used with existing standard trocars, Autonomy allows the surgeon to use the instrument without changing the procedure. Their unique Angle Locking Mechanism allows surgeons to lock the angle of articulation when performing a task, while the Axial Rotation Knob allows rotation of the tip at that angle. This makes Autonomy Laparo- Angle Instruments ideal for suturing, knot tying, dissecting, and cutting. Cambridge Endo has released the first product in the Autonomy line-the AutonomyLaparo-Angle(TM) Needle Holder. The full product line will be available by June, 2007.

Cambridge Endo founder, Woojin Lee Ph.D., developed this advanced technology in collaboration with the surgical community. "Surgeon feedback is what we are about . . . our mission is to work collaboratively with the surgical community to revolutionize least invasive surgery," said Dr. Lee. He added, "These articulating instruments are an important step in advancing laparoscopic surgery."