Technology | November 03, 2008

CAD-COLON iMED Designed to Find Polyps

CAD-COLON iMED by im3D is a computer aided detection (CAD) system designed to support radiologist’s diagnosis of suspect polyps in the colon and rectum, using high and low-dose CT.

CAD-COLON iMED reportedly combines the most advanced virtual colonoscopy features with detection algorithms able to detect and highlight suspect areas in an accurate, simple and user-friendly way.

The system loads data from a CT scan and creates a 3D model of patient’s colon. The CAD technology then detects suspect areas highlighting and classifying them according to their shape and intensity attributes. A range of tools and features allows the radiologist to navigate around the reconstruction of the colon measure specific areas, tag them, take screen or add comments and notes. At the end of the examination, CAD-COLON im3D goes through each area previously highlighted, allowing the physician to choose comments and images to be published into the final report. At the end of this review the system creates an interactive document that can be edited, saved or printed according to user preferences.