Definiens is developing computer-aided detection (CAD) applications for the 3D and 4D medical imaging field, Definiens LymphExpertT, designed to help radiologists rapidly and accurately identify and track lesions of interest, facilitating earlier detection and personalized treatments.

The new application is designed to help radiologists analyze lymph nodes, providing volumetric insight and time modeling functions.

Definiens CAD applications will support radiologists in the collection of diagnostic data, reducing human error due to fatigue or data overload. The applications utilize contextual information to compare images from different modalities and over time in a consistent and reproducible manner. Definiens’ applications can be implemented in standard medical imaging systems to provide automated volumetric measurements of almost all structures, including organs and lesions.

Definiens' CAD applications are specifically designed to measure and track tumors volumetrically and over time, producing highly accurate assessments of tumor size and growth. This will allow radiologists to make earlier, more informed judgements on the efficacy of treatments and whether to continue or alter treatment options.

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