Technology | October 14, 2011

Barco Adds 4 MP Color, Wide-Screen Display

October 14, 2011 – Barco launched its Coronis Fusion 4 MP DL, a 30-inch diagnostic color display that can be used as one wide-screen desktop or two seamless 2 megapixel (MP) heads. Equipped with Diagnostic Luminance technology, the Coronis Fusion 4 MP DL addresses the dual needs of color and grayscale imaging, enabling radiologists to read all their studies without changing workstations.

“Color applications have entered the mainstream in today's radiology practice as they enhance visualization of various imaging modalities, such as CT [computer tomography], cardiac and orthopedic imaging. But as the volume and complexity of images grows, so does the radiologist's workload. That's why they need flexible PACS [picture archive and communication system] imaging solutions that enable viewing of both grayscale and color augmented modalities on a single workstation,” said Lynda Domogalla, VP product marketing healthcare for Barco.

Flexible Multi-Modality Viewing
Coronis Fusion 4 MP DL is a diagnostic display system that perfectly responds to the needs of a modern, multi-modality radiology environment. This single-head diagnostic workstation can be driven as two 2 MP heads without a hindering central bezel, which significantly facilitates comparative studies. Additionally, Coronis Fusion 4 MP DL can be used as one wide-screen 4 MP display to view more medical images on one large desktop. Hence, the display system presents radiologists with the efficiency and flexibility they need to streamline workflow. The new display system is the latest member of Barco's Coronis Fusion family, which also features a 6 MP color and 10 MP grayscale display system.

Coronis Fusion 4 MP DL comes with a unique Diagnostic Luminance backlight technology to address the needs of both grayscale and color imaging. Featuring a maximum luminance of 1,000 cd/m² and a superb contrast ratio of 1,100:1, the display system is ideally suited for multi-user viewing and allows simultaneous reading of color, grayscale and fused modalities on one workstation.

Guaranteed Compliance
Like all Coronis Fusion display systems, the 4-megapixel version comes with Uniform Luminance Technology to distribute the brightness equally over the entire 30-inch screen surface, which means all images are digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) compliant, no matter where they are positioned on the screen.

To ensure long-lasting image quality and high-grade quality assurance, Coronis Fusion 4 MP DL is bundled with MediCal QAWeb, Barco's innovative Web-based service for automated calibration. In combination with the intelligent I-Guard and ambient light sensors, the system guarantees consistent DICOM accuracy and uptime of all displays throughout the facility to ensure a consistent diagnostic outcome.

High-Speed Performance
The Coronis Fusion 4 MP DL system includes the latest high-speed, high-performance MXRT display controller, featuring AMD FireProTM professional graphics for superior performance and ultra-fast image loading. Additionally, the board has been designed for triple-head diagnostic imaging, making it a perfect fit for PACS workstations combining Barco's Coronis Fusion 4 MP DL with a third monitor for patient lists or other applications. The board supports DirectX and OpenGL and is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7.

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