News | February 18, 2008

Automated Viral Load Testing System Decreases Screening Time

February 19, 2008 - VERSANT 440 Molecular System, an automated viral load testing system, by Siemens Healthcare, has been approved for marketing by the FDA for use with the VERSANT HCV RNA 3.0 assay for management of HCV-infected patients undergoing antiviral therapy, according to the company.

The VERSANT 440 Molecular System is designed to allow laboratories a quicker screening time.

"The VERSANT 440 Molecular system provides clinical laboratories and physicians an outstanding tool that enables quantitative monitoring of Hepatitis C and the delivery of personalized treatment that addresses the unique needs of every patient," said Jim Reid-Anderson, CEO, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Division.

The VERSANT 440 Molecular System is a branched DNA (bDNA) system designed for flexible walk-away automation. Its single room technology and consolidated footprint allow the system the flexibility to fit anywhere in the clinical laboratory. The VERSANT 440 System reportedly streamlines workflow by integrating bar code data entry, automated reagent processing, signal amplification detection and a Laboratory Information System interface for downloading patient work lists and results.

The VERSANT 440 Molecular System uses bDNA technology designed to simplify testing by eliminating nucleic acid extraction and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. With a high level of reproducibility, VERSANT HCV 3.0 Assay allows viral load changes to be distinguished accurately, enhancing hepatitis C viral load management, according to Siemens.

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