News | June 19, 2008

ASC Backup Energy Solution Reportedly Eliminates Standby Generators

June 20, 2008 - Gaia Power Technologies’ new PowerTower is a backup solution for ambulatory surgery centers that allows surgical facilities to meet emergency power requirements while reportedly saving space in the operating suite and eliminating standby generators.

Medicare certification and national accreditation requirements make safe sources of backup power necessary. The PowerTower allows outpatient surgery centers to comply with these regulations, without the challenges other backup power options present, said the company. One PowerTower can power multiple rooms, allowing for a much broader scope of backup power than most other battery systems.

PowerTower solutions are scalable to meet the electrical load and runtime needs of each practice. Units can provide from 4.5kW to 30kW of continuous power output and are configured for 120/240V output. The PowerTower, which can also be used in conjunction with generators to increase efficiency, is a single solution designed to meet the emergency power needs of outpatient surgery centers.

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