News | October 08, 2007

Artromick Introduces NX10 Mobile Computing WorkStation

October 9, 2007 - Medication management and healthcare technology solutions provider Artromick, will display its recently released NX10 Mobile Computing WorkStation at the 2007 ASA show.
Artromick’s new point-of-care computing cart delivers a flexible, light weight, and cost-effective solution for bedside data management that greatly benefits nurses, information technology staff and administrators.
The NX10 WorkStation is lightweight - more than 20 percent lighter than the previous product releases - with a stable and trim-line footprint making it easy for nursing staff to maneuver through the most crowded corridors and patient rooms. It has a 15.5 x 21 inch work area, configurable secure storage area, and a variety of accessories including scanner holders, cup holders, mouse trays, IV poles and more.
The NX10 WorkStation supports laptop, all-in-one PC, or thin-client solutions and is designed to provide IT staff with easy access to internal cable routing and peripherals.
It includes a high-resolution 17-inch monitor. When configured for thin client operation, the NX10 WorkStation can support a variety of brands including Neoware and WYSE.
Artromick has made innovative breakthroughs in power management, improving the battery usage efficiency of the NX10 WorkStation. Today, the NX10 Workstation delivers better than 90 percent efficiency resulting in a 9 percent run time increase. In addition, the company says the device offers 91 percent battery recharge efficiency for shorter recharge times.
Pricing for a configuration of monitor, keyboard, power system and mouse begins at $3,000.

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