Technology | October 15, 2008

AquariusNET Enables Large-Slice Study Reads from Anywhere

TeraRecon's AquariusNET Server, which it is showcasing at RSNA 2008, is an enterprisewide 3D distribution and image management system that enables interactive diagnostic review for radiologists and clinicians using standard 'thin-client' networked PCs.

Thin-slice CTA and MRA datasets are processed on the central server with the results screened to standard networked PCs all DICOM data remains on the server and only the results are streamed "on-demand" as needed. Any standard networked PC can be used to navigate the thin-sliced DICOM datasets. This elegant server-side architecture allows for 3D anywhere on as many thin-client PCs as required since the servers' processing power can be scaled to accommodate multiple concurrent usage.

After the DICOM slices are sent to the AquariusNET server a physician can log onto the central server for interactive review from anywhere in the enterprise. Physicians interact in real-time with large slice studies from any remote PC location by streaming back incoming mouse commands. All clinical applications and diagnostic 3D tools are available including MIP, MPR, CPR, and 3D VR viewed in any oblique plane. Multi-modalities can be reviewed including CT, MR, PET, nuclear, ultrasound, X-A, CR, and DR. Multiple client systems can connect to the server and conduct interactive sessions concurrently. A license for unlimited use is included, so any PC can operate as a client on the network. Concurrent user sessions are restricted only by the limit of available server resources.

The AquariusNET system is designed to work over Intranet LAN networks and is also frequently used over wide area networks (WAN) which support suitable available bandwidth and low latency. In areas with limited bandwidth or high latency, TeraRecon's broad technology portfolio and iNtuition platform architecture can be designed to work around these limitations and still provide a highly optimized workflow.