News | March 21, 2007

AORN: Safety Station Empties, Cleans, Disinfects Suction Canisters

The Transposal System by Dornoch Medical consists of the Safety Station and High Fluid Cart. The Safety Station empties, cleans, and disinfects reusable 2800cc or disposable 1800cc suction canisters.

The High Fluid Cart conveniently collects up to 48 liters of fluid in one or two reusable reservoir. The High Fluid Cart’s reservoirs are emptied, cleaned and disinfected in the stand-alone Evac Unit or Safety Station Plus.

Standardizing fluid collection and disposal practices is easy with Transposal. Transposal’s 2800cc reusable collector replaces multiple-size disposable suction canisters used throughout a facility.

If managing multiple suction canisters during high fluid surgical cases is an issue, simply add one or two of Transposal’s optional High Fluid Carts. The High Fluid Cart seamlessly integrates with the Safety Station or can be used as a standalone fluid collection system. Combined, the Safety Station and High Fluid Cart are the only facility-wide solution for suction canister waste management.