The TRUMPF iLED has applications in the OR, ER and ICU. The iLED 5 surgical light uses 184 white and color LEDs to produce 160,000 Lux of low heat, virtually shadow-free illumination. Since each LED in the iLED has its own convergence lens, overlapping fields of light are produced which virtually eliminate shadows cast over the surgical site by equipment and the movement of the surgical team. In addition to shadows, heat is also noticeably absent when using the iLED. Its 160,000 Lux of illumination is produced without the expected heat emission, thanks to the “cold” IR-free light of the LEDs. Even directly under the light, practically no heat can be felt, with the total heat increase at the surgeon’s head measuring less than 1° C. This improves the comfort of the surgeon and the surgical team, thereby enhancing their ability to perform.

Among its features, the iLED – for the first time ever – allows surgeons to change color temperature while maintaining light intensity. This “medical first” improves contrast and tissue differentiation. Studies also show cooler color temperatures (approximately 5,000 Kelvin) can have beneficial affects when dealing with surgeon eye fatigue in longer procedures. Additionally, since LEDs have dramatically long life-cycles—approximately 20,000 hours, or an estimated 5 to 8 years depending on OR usage—the iLED represents ongoing cost savings and efficiency for medical facilities.

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