News | May 19, 2008

Amkai Launches AmkaiOffice 2.0 for Outpatient Surgery Management

May 20, 2008 - Amkai launched the AmkaiOffice 2.0 at ASCs 2008, a component of the company’s management software system designed for the outpatient surgery market.

AmkaiOffice 2.0 is made to enhance the best features of older systems while adding many new capabilities and features not available in those products, said the company.

AmkaiOffice 2.0’s modules include scheduling, demographics, clinical documentation management, financial management, inventory, preference cards, reports, and HR. Highlighted features include multilevel patient insurance features permit more refined drill down/rollup analyses and complete patient registration from one screen aimed at reducing data entry time and errors. The system also includes a one-table/one-screen inventory tracking of medications, equipment, supplies and instruments to streamline the operational process.

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