News | December 20, 2007

Allscripts Releases HealthMatics ED 6.0 Emergency Department information System

December 21, 2007 – Allscripts today released HealthMatics ED 6.0, which has updated software with six key features that will help emergency departments (ED) improve the bottom line through automated and streamlined care processes.

The updated has several new features. The Pre-arrival Patient Documentation allows care providers to capture documentation of care provided to inbound EMS patients that can then be merged directly into the patient record for arrival to the ED.

The ED Operations Monitor feature allows for real-time monitoring of key performance indicators, such as door-to-triage time, as well as the elapsed time of a patient’s arrival to other levels of care and treatment. The monitor provides up-to-date reports on bed load, acuity and average patients per hour. In addition, the operations monitor has an at-a-glance feature that reports on high and low performance standards, flagging times of performance deterioration or improvement with an icon that can be set to automatically page selected care providers.

The Clinical Alerts/Administrative Broadcasts feature allows ED staff to set alerts for specific patient conditions and needs. The alerts can be sent to one or more members of the patient’s care team. The company says this alert tool can act as a messaging system within the software for around-the-clock communication with current and next-to-arrive staff.

The Rapid Results Reviewer offers clinicians quick, easy access to patient diagnostic results without ever having to leave the tracking board. Clinicians simply hover on the desired icon to directly view results and mark them as “reviewed” to initiate necessary next steps.

The E-notes feature allows for quick documentation of important patient information and reminders in the fast moving environment of the ED. E-Notes acts as electronic “scrap paper” for clinicians, allowing individuals to record specific patient notes directly into the system through voice-to-text capabilities.

The Form Builder allows an ED to build electronic forms that allow discrete data entry into patient records, provide clinical decision support and support staff in the computation of complex mathematical calculations. These forms can be discretely uploaded to a database for reporting and chart generation. The rules engine of this feature also allows for dependent presentation of information from previous entries, which follows both Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services initiatives.

Allscripts’ HealthMatics ED is backed by more than 35 years of experience in interfacing with other systems, and is one of the most comprehensive and flexible ED information systems available.

The first release of HealthMatics ED was in 1999.

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