Technology | September 22, 2008

All-in-One System for Brachytherapy

The Isoloader from Core Oncology is an all-in-one physics workstation that automates brachytherapy needle loading, radioactive seed assay and reporting, and is optimized both for interoperative procedures and for streamlining preoperative preparation, assay, sterilization and loading.

The computer-based workstation has three primary functions:

- A dose calibrator that assays I-125 and Pd-103 radionuclide seeds and verifies that the measured strength is within a user-specified deviation from the strength ordered for the procedure.

- Automatically loads sterile needles with sterilized radionuclide seeds and spacers from the preloaded and sterilized IsoCartridge based on a dose plan that is either input manually or imported from a compatible prostate brachytherapy treatment planning system.

- Able to generate a series of reports based on data captured during the procedure including case summary and reimbursement reports.