Technology | June 10, 2007

Algorithm Interprets ECG Signals for 16 Heart Rhythm Disorders

The Interpretive ECG Algorithm is used for the assessment of heart arrhythmias using ambulatory ECG data, providing a comprehensive arrhythmia analysis and interpretation in a multiuse algorithm.
The algorithm will be integrated into individual ambulatory ECG monitoring devices, triggering the device to begin recording based on the identification of certain heart rhythms, and also will be used to interpret the ECG signal once it is transmitted to a centralized call center, providing a high level of accuracy while increasing the efficiency of the interpretation process. The technology will be licensed to medical device companies worldwide for incorporation into products that monitor cardiac electrical activity.
The algorithm is designed to analyze the signal on a beat-by-beat basis, identify the key components of the ECG and apply specific rules for the identification of cardiac arrhythmias. Because it is utilized in small, portable devices, it employs specialized processes that result in minimal processing time and resource requirements while maximizing power management and battery life.