Technology | October 16, 2007

Airway Device Accommodates Patients of All Sizes

King Systems Corp. will feature its KING LT-D and KING LTS-D supraglottic airway devices at ASA 2007.

The KING LT-D, previously available in adult sizes only, is the industry’s first supraglottic airway device designed for positive pressure ventilation over 30cm H2O as well as for spontaneous breathing.

The airway will now be available to accommodate patients ranging from 35 inches or 12kg in weight up to adults over 6 feet tall. The KING LT-D is disposable and reportedly easy to insert, with minimal airway trauma. Its soft, inflatable cuffs provide stability, with a superior airway seal and the device is 100 percent latex free.

The KING LTS-D is a new supraglottic airway that offers superior positive pressure ventilation with gastric access. The KING LTS-D allows the passage of an 18 Fr suction catheter through a gastric access lumen that leads to the stomach and has an anatomically shaped distal tip and cuff.