News | May 19, 2008

Air-Q Disposable Laryngeal Airway Facilitates Easy Placement

May 20, 2008 - The air-Q is designed to maintain the established airway should an unexpected airway event occur as the device is made to facilitate intubation through the established airway.

The air-Q features a connector that can be easily removed to accommodate any standard ET tube up to size 8.5. The hypercurved airway is anatomically correct directing the ET tube toward the laryngeal inlet. The keyhole shaped airway outlet automatically elevates the patient’s epiglottis and directs the ET tube to the laryngeal inlet.

The air-Q is also designed to overcome the shortcomings of first generation airways to facilitate quick and easy placement, integrating a mask tip that approximates the shape of the posterior pharynx, an oval shaped airway tube to help eliminate the tendency of airway tubes to over bend and kink and specially designed ridges on the inside of the mask cavity to improve mask seal for enhanced safety and effectiveness.

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