Part of an innovative new approach to workflow includes a new structure for managing advanced visualization. A common challenge experienced by practitioners working in clinical environments comes from time wasted moving between different applications (and workstations) to perform routine image analysis of different diagnostic data.

Cedara's new Clinical Control Center (C4), provides a means to tightly integrate clinical functionality into a single workstation. Through the use of configurable protocols, healthcare professionals can use C4 to automatically launch independent viewing applications from a single patient worklist. For OEM companies, this capability allows seamless integration of third party clinical plug-ins. While C4 provides functional integration for clinical plug-ins from any vendor, it was demonstrated at HIMSS with a host of advanced visualization solutions from Cedara, including Cedara PET/CT, Cedara IllumiView, Cedara OrthoWorks, Cedara I-Response, Cedara PrimeLung and Cedara CalScore.

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