Technology | October 03, 2006

Absolute Cerebral Oximeter Expanded for Use in Children, Infants

Use of the FORE-SIGHT Absolute Cerebral Oximeter by CAS Medical Systems has been expanded to additional patient populations, including children over 40kg and infants.
The initial market focus is on high- risk cardiovascular surgeries, of which there are about 700,000 performed each year in the U.S. Additional market opportunities include a broad range of general surgical procedures and postoperative and critical care settings.
Protecting the brain from low oxygen levels during these procedures is important because the brain is highly vulnerable to oxygen deprivation. At normal body temperatures, damage to brain cells due to lack of oxygen can occur after just a few seconds.
The FORE-SIGHT Cerebral Oximeter provides new information that allows clinicians to monitor and respond to instances of brain tissue oxygen deprivation before damage to the brain occurs.