July 18, 2008 – 3M Health Care and Greystone Pharmaceuticals Inc. have entered into an exclusive, worldwide license agreement for wound care products using Greystone’s patented PHI technology, a proprietary formulation that aids in the management of hard-to-heal wounds.

This is the second agreement between 3M Health Care and Greystone Pharmaceuticals. The first agreement provided 3M Health Care limited distribution rights in Canada and parts of Europe. This new agreement broadens 3M Health Care’s rights to the U.S. and most major countries in the world, starting with the introduction of 3M Tegaderm Matrix Dressing with PHI technology to the U.S. market. In addition, 3M Health Care will be able to extend the PHI technology platform to other wound care products.

For more information: www.greystonepharmaceuticals.com, www.3m.com

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