Oncology Services International (OSI)

400 Rella Blvd
Suite 123
Montebello, NY 10901
+1 845-357-6599

Discover the Difference with Oncology Services International:
As the largest Independent Service Organization (ISO) in Radiation Oncology and the number one reseller of quality linear accelerators Oncology Services International offers the discerning Radiation Oncology clinic a skilled, high value alternative to the OEM without compromising quality or capability.
With a 98% Service Satisfaction rating from existing contract customers, new customers nationwide can have the confidence to take care of their patients, save money and let Oncology Service International ensure their equipment is running right. When additional or replacement equipment is needed, our refurbished Radiation Therapy Devices are supplied promptly from the most extensive inventory of linear accelerators available anywhere on the planet!
Lastly our spare parts division has over 67,000 linac parts available for same day dispatch by knowledgeable experts.

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