Feature | February 19, 2008

What’s live at OPCT Online? Plenty.

In the last edition of Outpatient Care Technology, I explained why the magazine’s revamped Web site is becoming more of a content extension of the print version of OPCT. The bottom line: We’ve got so much stuff to show and tell you that we can’t shoehorn enough of it in these pages. That’s why you’ll notice “Continued Online” boxes bookending some stories to let you know you can read the “editor’s cut” on the Web (even though, technically, the editor had to cut the story to fit it in print). But enough about semantic technicalities.
We’ve posted some exclusive and original content on OPCT Online (www.opctonline.net) to give you more editorial for your reading consumption. Here’s a rundown.
You may have just gotten back into your groove following the mammoth 2007 Radiological Society of North America conference and exhibition in Chicago, but check out our observations on current and future technological trends where we highlight what was hot and what was not.
In addition, Steven Renard, diagnostic imaging and radiology consultant and regular contributor to OPCT’s Outpatient Business Strategies column, shares his insights on 10 ways outpatient imaging centers can survive and stay profitable in the post-Deficit Reduction Act landscape.
We’ve also included insightful features on adaptive radiation therapy and multimodality breast imaging trends.
Finally, check out the complete versions of this edition’s “Technology Overview” on digital mammography, “Advances In” Oncology Information Management Systems and our annual “Women’s Health Centers to Watch, Specializing in Breast Imaging.” In fact, our “Watch Lists” in 2008 include “Women’s Healthcare Centers to Watch: Breast Imaging,” in this edition, “Ambulatory Surgery Centers to Watch,” in the April/May 2008 edition and “Cancer Treatment Centers to Watch: Brachytherapy,” in the June/July 2008 edition. These are followed by our third annual “Outpatient Excellence Award for Oncology Centers,” in the August/September 2008 edition, and the second annual “Outpatient Excellence Award for Imaging Centers,” in the October/November 2008 edition.
By visiting our Web site at www.opctonline.net, you can nominate noteworthy facilities for consideration in any or all of these recognition awards. OPCT would benefit by showcasing successful facilities, the profiled facilities would benefit from the recognition, the readers would benefit by learning potentially new ideas and you’d benefit with the knowledge you contributed selflessly to the advancement of the industry. Sounds like a convincing sales pitch to me from just an editorial guy.