Feature | March 05, 2014

How to Create an Ergonomic Computer Monitor Placement

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March 5, 2014 — We all use computer monitors for our jobs on a daily basis, but most are not configured for an ideal ergonomic workstation. Here are a few suggestions to achieve the best results from ergonomic workstations vendor AFC Industries Inc.

  • Visual accommodation, used for focusing, changes the shape of the lens of the viewer’s eye for different viewing distances. For most people, reading is easiest when looking down, rather than when looking ahead or up.
  • Visual convergence is the physical rotation of the eyes inward, toward the nose, so that both eyes focus the image at the same location on their retinas. As in reading, most people find it easier to view an object placed below eye level rather than above. That is why it is recommended to position the computer monitor display area from 0° to 60° below the viewer’s eye level.


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