Feature | December 03, 2006

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. —Carl Bard

When you’re trying to navigate the vast wilderness of the Wild Wild Web there’s nothing more irritating than getting lost or not finding what exactly what you need. Okay, maybe losing your Internet connection or wireless signal tops the list. But there’s only so much Google, Yahoo! or Ask.com can do.
That’s why Reilly Communications Group (RCG), publisher of Outpatient Care Technology and three sibling trade magazines, finally decided to upgrade – not just update – its online presence. If you haven’t visited OPCT’s Web site since last year, shame on you. If you visited it, say, three months ago, and decided not to return, then shame on us. Either way, however, have we got what we consider a pleasant surprise for you.
So give us a second chance.
As you’re reading this, be sure to visit OPCT Online (www.opctonline.net) because you’ll discover a dramatically different look and feel that’s fresh, inviting and best of all, much easier to navigate.
When you call up the front page the first thing you’ll notice is that OPCT’s content is readily accessible. We’ve chosen a comfortable, modular format that places data and editorial at your fingertips, typically within a click or two. The dashboard taskbar along the top serves as exit ramps to our comparison charts, technology database, Buyer’s Guide, archive and conference calendar.
Featured most prominently, of course, is our product coverage, front and center. Views of technology that grace our current print edition’s cover rotate, along with new or updated products making their debut.
Nestled below our products area is our “Making Headlines” section, which provides daily updates of key industry developments that matter to you. Below that we give you online access to our current edition’s content.
We perched a brief survey on the far right to gauge reader insights and opinions on a variety of topics, the results of which we’ll highlight in upcoming editions of the magazine. Be sure to vote early and often because the topics will change. Below that we tease you with what we’re preparing for our next print edition.
Editorially, our goal in revamping our Web site was two-fold. First, we wanted to give you unfettered access to OPCT’s valuable content, past and present (however, we’re still in the process of populating the archives as far back as we can so we appreciate your patience with our progress). Second, we wanted to reach out to you, our faithful readers, with the intent of developing a sense of community and a deeper bond as we move forward. By pulling you closer to us we learn how to push more of the industry information you need and want closer to you. That’s what makes the Internet a useful medium and an effective complement to the magazine.
Allow me to salute Mary LaRusso, RCG’s new director of Marketing, for spearheading and managing the long-awaited re-launch of OPCT Online, as well as Publisher Stephanie Ellis and the entire staff at OPCT and RCG. What you see is more than just a new paint job but plenty of new mechanics under the hood.
To most of the world 15 years ago the Web was a novelty; today, it’s ubiquity. And getting to your destination has become the novelty. So take us for an online test drive and be sure to tell us about your trip.
See you in 60 – in print – but on the Web every day.

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