Enterprise Imaging

Last updated on August 11, 2023
Company Product
Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging (Agfa EI)
BridgeHead Software HealthStore – Independent Clinical Archive (ICA)
Canon Medical Informatics, Inc. Vitrea Connection (VNA), Vitrea Vision (Vitrea Enterprise Viewer, Vitrea Diagnostic Viewer, Vitrea Advanced Visualization)
CoActiv Medical EXAM-PACS
Infinitt Healthcare Infinitt Healthcare Platform, Infinitt PACS and ULite
InsiteOne, LLC Unified Clinical Archive
Intelerad Medical Systems Incorporated The Intelerad Enterprise Imaging and Informatics Suite
Konica Minolta Exa Platform
PaxeraHealth Corp. Ultima360
Philips Vue PACS
ScImage, Inc. PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging
Sectra Inc. Sectra IDS7 24.1

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