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Upgraded Interface Integrates Image-Sharing Capabilities Into Healthcare IT Applications

February 23, 2011 – An extended Web application-programming interface (API) has been released for an Internet-based, real-time medical-image sharing platform. The new interface to, from Accelarad, provides secure access to all functionality and data within the site.

It also offers third-party developers broad possibilities to integrate and leverage the power of the site’s image management and sharing capabilities within their applications.

All advanced functionalities – from uploading and archiving image files and related data to exam viewing and sharing – can now be integrated seamlessly into other server- or cloud-based systems. For example, a full range of features can be embedded in an electronic health record (EHR) or patient health record (PHR) to enable image viewing or sharing with authorized users over the Internet. A hospital system or health information exchange (HIE) can integrate the technology into disparate PACS solutions to facilitate image communications across all member facilities.

Individual imaging sites also can integrate the technology with other radiology management tools to share exams on the fly as needed. Any medical facility can easily enable secure patient image access. Some of the most widely used patient health record (PHR) platforms have already integrated the site to deliver a more complete image-enabled health record.

“ is already deployed throughout the U.S. as a platform for image exchange among medical facilities, physicians and patients and demonstrates the value of cloud computing in these applications,” said Arman Sharafshahi, president of Accelarad. “With this new sophisticated and complete API, other vendors can now easily integrate imaging technology to round out their own functionality and enable image sharing throughout their solutions.” is a Web portal that enables doctors and patients, wherever located, to upload images to a cloud environment and grant immediate access to these studies to any user on the fly. Images may be downloaded into the receiving facility’s PACS, if desired, or simply managed in the cloud.

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