Videos | March 22, 2011

Vital Images - Vitrea Enterprise Suite 6.0 Offers New Clinical Features

Vital Images is a leader in advanced visualization solutions worldwide, partnering with several leading companies. Its technology is available anywhere, anytime, on the cloud, an iPad, laptop computer, in the home or office.

At RSNA 2010, the company introduced new solutions focusing on advanced clinical functionality, new workflows and oncology. It unveiled new clinical features available on the Vitrea Enterprise Suite 6.0, rolling out eight different new applications. They include software that does de-noising, or low-dose imaging, to complement what computed tomography (CT) scanners are doing to reduce dose. Vital Images' post-processing software takes that process to a deeper level.

ther new clinical functionalities introduced at RSNA include adding advanced magnetic resonance (MR) funtionality to the platform and new functionality around fusion oncology.

In addition, the company notes that its technology is VMware-certified, or virtualized, which can save users money on the back end. The company also has been recognized for its product service and support.

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