Videos | December 14, 2011

Philips - Put Your Voice to Work

Philips Speech Processing is the driving force in delivering speech technologies to users around the world. Customizable integrated solutions in desktop and mobile dictation as well as workflow management are crucial in healthcare. New smartphone dictation options via iPhone and BlackBerry as well as speech recognition integration boost speech technologies to the next level.

The Philips SpeechMike was developed in 1996 and since then sets the industry standard for USB dictation microphones. Its technically sophisticated microphone offers superior audio quality for accurate speech recognition results. The integrated mouse function lets you manage applications easily and enhances your productivity. The ergonomic design gives you full one-thumb control from the palm of your hand and programmable function buttons customize the microphone to your needs. The USB microphone features intuitive dictation control, including playback speakers, and PC navigation in a single device.

Philips' ongoing studies in the healthcare sector and a close relationship to end users help it incorporate new benefits to the Philips SpeechMike product line.

The SpeechMike III also includes a worldâ??s first: Its housing is made of antimicrobial material, which works against micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae. This new material practically eliminates micro-organisms from any object and improves hygiene for an added feeling of cleanliness.

The SpeechMike is a Philips certified green product, reducing its carbon footprint by around 28% compared to its predecessor. This includes:

â?¢ 43% lower energy consumption
â?¢ 51% reduction in packaging material
â?¢ 16% reduction in product weight

The SpeechMike Air is Philipsâ?? wireless PC microphone that takes desktop dictation to a new level by no longer restraining you with a cord. Philips Speech Processing also provides a software development kit available to integration partners for integration with other applications. New features and tools make integration easier, including a 60-second testing tool, sample applications, reference sound samples, and an advanced configuration utility.

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