Videos | March 22, 2011

McKesson - Horizon Rad Station

McKesson features at RSNA 2009 its PACS radiology workstation, Horizon Rad Station, which offers a flexible solution to leverage investments already made in radiology PACS to serve the full-field digital mammography (FFDM) domain, alleviating the need to purchase a dedicated mammography workstation. The workstation has received FDA 510(k) clearance to offer full support for primary interpretation of digital mammography images using a traditional radiology PACS workstation.

The PACS also offers Variable thickness regional intensity projection (VTRIP), which allows for the more efficient reading of CT and MR studies making both the technologist and radiologists more efficient by seamlessly embedding advanced viewing, image analysis and reconstruction capabilities directly into their normal workflow. It allows faster case reading times, scan to read times, and potentially, increased scanner utilization. Faster reading times are accomplished by introducing:

- Dynamic slab visualization (scan thin, read thick, vary as needed)

- Dynamic oblique multi-planar reformat (view anatomy at any angle)

- Multiple intensity projection options (AveIP, MIP, minIP)

- Automatic documentation of key findings in derived views

- MPR viewports grouped to use same W/L and zoom/pan

- Triangulation to quickly zoom to point in multiple MPR views and back

All of the above is done within the familiar HRS user interface. No longer do you need to launch external 3-D viewer for these common tasks. VTRIP is available as an integral part of display protocols. Annotations, flagging, zoom/pan, etc., all work the same as with original 2-D slices with little or no additional user training required.

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