Videos | March 22, 2011

Intelerad - Workflow Orchestration Enhances Radiologists' Productivity

New for RSNA, Intelerad Medical Systems launched its Multi-Method Reporting module, combining new voice recognition technology, structured reporting templates and Intelerad Dictation into a single, seamless reading and reporting platform.

No longer tied down to a single reporting method, radiologists can take advantage of the most appropriate reporting channel, depending on the individual case and clinical findings. Select from Voice Recognition, regular dictation, modality-specific templates or fast normal reporting at the click of a button.

Within structured reporting, voice commands are auto-detected and text is inserted in the appropriate section of the report. For normal cases, Fast Normal processing moves the radiologist directly to the signing stage, bypassing the transcription pool and ultimately reducing costs and turnaround time.

Designed with a holistic approach, Intelerad achieves workflow orchestration by combining all modalities and subspecialty reading onto a single and complete reading and reporting platform, including breast imaging, image fusion and advanced visualization. With Inteleradâ??s IntelePACS and InteleOne, radiologists benefit from having a powerful viewer and universal worklist, enabling better individual and group workload management.

Inteleradâ??s InteleViewer features personalized layout protocols, embedded advanced visualization, modality-appropriate toolsets and fast performance, no matter what the reading environment or bandwidth. The Reporting Worklist is rich in information content and flexible, including patient history and past reports, prior studies, critical results management, quality review and more.

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