Videos | October 18, 2011

IBA Commissioning Service â?? Proven, Experienced, Professional

IBA Dosimetryâ??s Commissioning Services is a customer focused, one price solutions for implementation of your new radiation therapy technology that meets your goals and timeframes. IBA Dosimetry builds the fastest, most accurate, and most reliable data collection package in the world in the Blue Phantom 2 and Linear Diode Array LDA-99. New advanced treatment modalities like RapidArc or VMAT can be implemented faster based on our deep know how. Because we utilize our own staff and equipment, you do not have to worry about system performance or stressing your physics staff with additional workload. Proven, Experienced, and Professionalâ?¦ Let IBA Dosimetry take the worries out of linac and TPS commissioning.

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