Videos | October 18, 2011

IBA ­ Making Protons Possible

IBA ProteusONE offers uncompromised treatment solutions enabling physicians to leverage the clinical effectiveness of proton beam therapy. While Pencil Beam Scanning enables the delivery of Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) treatment plans, the latest imaging techniques make Image Guided Proton Therapy (IGPT) possible.

ProteusONE has been inspired by everyday clinical practice. Its design enhances the patient experience by fostering a soothing environment while making the medical staffâ??s daily practice safer and easier.

Finally ProteusONE is IBAâ??s response to making protons affordable. It is a proton therapy system that is smaller, more affordable, easier to install, easier to operate and ultimately easier to finance.

With ProteusONE, protons are possible for more patients worldwide.

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