Videos | March 22, 2011

Eizo - New RadiForce Expands LCD Offerings

Eizo unveiled the newly expanded RadiForce line of medical imaging liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors at RSNA 2010. Beyond just high quality diagnostic LCD monitors, the line now incorporates full surgical and endoscopic solutions. Large format monitors such as the RadiForce LS560W delivers 8 MP resolution in a 56-inch screen size, which equals that of four full high definition (HD) monitors. It allows a higher flexibility in arranging different screen layouts. Since it is one giant screen there are no panel color differences. With no obtrusive bezels, eye movement is minimized with less potential for distraction when compared to multimonitor configurations.

New endoscopic solutions like the RadiForce EX240W (24-inch) and the EX210 (21-inch) provide HD imaging ideal for any operating room. These monitors offer multiple input signals to allow connections with both legacy and state-of-the-art endoscopic systems without the need for other optional devices or costs. They also provide color adjustment so users can optimize their screens.

The RX430 is one of the first monitors to simultaneously display color and monochrome images with their own gamma curves. The high resolution of 4 MP gives this monitor the same amount of screen size and number of pixels as two, 2 MP monitors in portrait mode but without obtrusive bezels. Eizoâ??s hybrid gamma automatically distinguishes whether the displayed images are monochrome or color even within the same application.

Newly added in its mammography monitor line-up are two new monitors set to release in 2011, the RadiForce GX530 and the GX1030. The GX530 is an innovation update to their existing 5 MP monitor and has improved features like high brightness of 1,200 cd/m2 and offers a long usage guarantee of 40,000 hours. It offers an integrated front sensor for self-calibration and the integrated presence sensor for energy savings. The GX1030 is Eizoâ??s first 10 MP monitor that delivers the same amount of screen resolution as two 5 MP monitors without the center bezel presence for easier viewing without distraction.

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